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salt and wood

Re use it or lose it

The Head Quarters unit is a personal shrine to remembering where all your daily detritus resides and ease of management of your daily ammo. Many of the units have hidden drawers or hide holes and every unit is a different individual. Some are styled experiments. Some are tailored commissions.  Some are free standing such that you might place on a chest of drawers for comfortable access and some are engineered to be wall mounted. Its a great place and way to consolidate your sunnies and keys and phone and wallet or whatever and a holding station for all those other knick knacks like loose change that you may need on one mission out the door but not the next. Some people use the mantle piece or the drawer by the bed and so on but this lays it out and creates a dedicated zone. Take a look at the HQ category from the main page and drop a line in the comments section if you are curious about having your very own.

Helpful acquaintances have offered the following alternate names for this unit; Come Home Sally, Key Cabinet, The Melf (Man Shelf, play on Milf!), The Wolf (Woman Shelf), The Handy Hole, Central Command, The Man Ager and Herb Rack! Thanks team.

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