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salt and wood

Re use it or lose it

1. The Roster.

2. Bow float.

3. Stone keel/rudder.

4. Ambitious sail area.

5. Setting out.

6. Bon voyage (short lived).

The Roster employed some inventive tying off, a fancy foam and wooden combo hull and a stone rudder/ keel, a roped on foam nose cone and a tall blue sign board sail. She looked like a pretty tidy ship, however was to tall on the water and didn’t make it to far out before toppling over. These skimmer style boats are not particularly good at self righting anyway if they go over and this one had no chance with a tall sail, under sized outriggers, a dinky nose float (for the amount of thrust from this big tall sail) and small keel ballast! Still a few new tricks were learned and some rubbish taken away from the beach. Though some people on the beach did mutter some disapproving comments of me and the boat when it tipped over. You cant please all the Aqua Bogan onlookers all the time I guess.

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