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salt and wood

Re use it or lose it

1. Less and Learned with bow board sail.

2. Tupperware sail.

3. Zip cord outriggers.

4. Bon voyage.

5. Heading for the rocks.

Less and learned was put together at Yarra Bay then taken over to Little Bay to be launched on the south wester. Carved foam outriggers fixed with zip cords found on the beach. A foam nose cone and plywood bow sail kept her pulling in a straight line considering the long wooden hull and main sail positioned quite far back. The other boat in pic 4 is the ‘All Prezz Express’. Less and learned took off well in the strong breeze and cleared the shore break easily. She was looking good and pulling out to sea but ultimately couldn’t clear the extensive heads to the north of Little Bay and was dragged across and smashed onto the rocks in spectacular fashion by the large swell out on the point. You can just make out about half way across the bay in picture 5 taken with the zoom on my phone.

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