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salt and wood

Re use it or lose it

1. Leaving Gordons Bay.


2. Waiting for the wind.


3. Pushing out.


4. Clearing the headland?


5. From the stairs to Gordons Bay.


6. From the stairs to Gordons Bay.


7. From the headland.


8. From the headland.


9. Heading along the point.

We finally found a morning with favorable winds and took the Eric down to Gordon s Bay where we determined we could get a sea bound launch of the rocks with some cover from the bay. Unfortunately I had set the rudder to far to the left and she pulled across the SSW and possibly into the rocks on the other side of the bay rather than clearing the headland and heading out to sea. Though we will never know as we had run out of time and were watching from a headland above as she sailed under our view and we had to leave. You can also see here that the fore sail had subsequently been re rigged in a more similar style to the main sail also cut from a washed up deck chair.

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