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salt and wood

Re use it or lose it

Very inviting to lounge on.

Small lid to the left big to the right.

Future projects within.

Big Box was necessitated by the accumulation of ‘ timber bits’ on the front porch. The reasoning was that the bits could largely be accommodated within a large storage volume that could double as a day bed/ stoop bench. The entire structural box frame was made from treated pine off cut lengths rescued from a skip. The end nearest the front door of the house was cut from a scrap of found ply and the back and far end were left open as A you cant see them and B this provided great ventilation to the timber within and the under house vents located in the wall behind the box. The two part lid and face were one entire sheet of ply 1200 x 2400mm cut long ways down the middle. Then the lid portion was cut to the golden mean and the remainder.

The faces were painted white and the lids mat varnished with the grain aligned along the two lids. Some finger holes were bored and sanded in the lids for lifting off.

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