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salt and wood

Re use it or lose it

1. Ends cut square

2. Stoppers to base

3. End

4. Colour and history

5. At work

6. Colour, history and grain

This was an easily overlooked bit of flotsam washed up south of Sydney. The ends had a stepped cut that suggested it was the lid or top of something on a boat. The timber was very pale in colour and lite in weight. All I did was cut the ends off clean and sand it all back, varnish it and screw some little stoppers under it. The surface is covered in a poetic history of nicks and depressions. The most interesting and still inexplicable thing was that when a coat of clear varnish was added to this pale timber the whole thing turned this handsome chocolate red colour. The  long sides are rounded by its time at see and it is now working as a condiments board on the kitchen table.

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