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salt and wood

Re use it or lose it


1. Little Rubs


2. Profile


3. Trial run on the creek


4. Pace










9. Cast off


10. Bon voyage

This slinky little craft had a build time of about 20 minutes. It started out being trialed on the little lake behind the dunes without any floats on the outriggers and was surprisingly quick. Assuming it would flip out on the bay some foam floats were added including a chunk under the nose. This had the effect of lifting the thin timber hull rite of the water and she took of like nothing built before on this blog. Skimming down the lake at a steady walking pace, so about 4 km per hour. A shell fragment was cut into the stern as a rudder, a take away food container for a rigid sail and a feather was added on the bow to help ensure the bow was aligned forward more quickly with the wind direction and buffer against tipping.  You can see the wake coming off the bow and floats in these pictures.

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