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salt and wood

Re use it or lose it

Foam flotsam boat

1. The Mud.



4. The Mud clears the bridge.

5. The Achievement.


"Foam flotsam boat"


This is Kendrick Park where the Princess Highway crosses the Cooks River near Wolli Creek Station. A family rest stop in the park was enough time for my son and I to start trawling the muddy banks for building materials. I thought I was going pretty well with my very conservative little river Taxi when my son completely usurped me with his beautiful sculpture of a creation and christened it The Achievement, just to rub it in I am sure. With some rudder adjustment the Mud was able to cut across a slight on shore breeze and head down river towards Botany Bay (?). Unfortunately the wind had swung too far in by the time we tried to launch the Achievement and we never got to see her head out into the river. 

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