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salt and wood

Re use it or lose it

I don’t know what sort of timber this is or where it came from. But it looks like it is just a by-product of some chain saw clearing somewhere in the world. It looks like it had been in the sea for some time. I set it to dry on our front porch and with each week a few more little bits of shells fell out of the cracks as it dried and shrank. I finally drilled the side of it and fitted a piece of street found dowel as a ring holder on what was to become a soap bottle stand for the bathroom. I fitted a small dowel foot to the base to both level the top and minimize the amount of base in contact with wet bench. I left all the sides as they were found and intensely sanded and varnished the top to create a great contrast. My wife questions the practicality of this item but I am quietly pleased with its sculptural nature and the mystery of the origins of this piece of tree.  

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