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salt and wood

Re use it or lose it

OK so you’ve got Roland Kirk turned up to 11 on the house system so you can hear it clear out the back where you are in the zone. But your wife and kids are inside becoming emotionally unmanageable because it’s too loud and far out for them. So you sacrifice quality for compromise and take your phone outside to listen to music on that instead. But the zone is a hostile environment and a hot LZ for an iphone. Sun, flying frag, potential toxic fluid flicks and rain drops. Voila, enter the Cocamaphone. Cut the top of a 1.25 litre plastic coke bottle. Has to be Coke shape to get the amplifying funnel acoustics. Bore a hole in the side of the base and insert the top you cut off. Screw the lid back onfrom insideto secure it all and have the top sliced of the lid to allow the sound out. Chuck some paint on the top half for UV barrier. Drill a couple of holes in the fluted base to allow any water out in case of Perfect Storm scenario. Slice rim and fold out as shown to allow stand and added amp. I have been experimenting for a while and it makes a big diff (louder) if the phone speaker is pushed hard to the hack of the Cocamaphone.


The Cocamaphone actually achieves the following with phone inserted:

– Good stability from rolling and knocking.

– Better visibility of phone location (could paint brighter or funkier colour scheme!) and thus reduced inadvertent mech damage.

– Better base vibes and good volume amplification.

– Sun protection.

– Good rain splash and splatter protection. The fluting in the base of PET bottles means any water that gets in will never touch phone before it heads out your drain holes. Don’t forget the drain holes.

– Good buffering from flying and or falling objects.


I devised this DIY quick and cheapie for the workplace but I reckon it would go well at the beach, picnics in the park etc etc.

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