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salt and wood

Re use it or lose it

1. Work area.

2. Another go.

3. Ready steady.

4. High hopes.

5. Failure to launch.

So these are the final shots of the Cheese Cross Senior and the sad state of affairs regarding sending her out to sea. It seems it was just never going to happen. We tried launching her from one side of Little Bay but she couldn’t quite clear the small breakers and was smashed against the rocks. Eventually after fishing her out and rebuilding the mast and sail and making some adjustments she was launched from the other side of Little Bay to accommodate a wind change. Smashed again. This time caught on the tide and flipped over unreachable she was left to float around in circles mocking me. My son was taking these pictures and thought it was hilarious taking great pains to express to me the various angles of destruction he had recorded.

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