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salt and wood

Re use it or lose it

1. Front view.

2. Side.

3. Shelf detail.

4. Top detail.

5. Base.

6. Shelf detail.

7. Base detail.

8. Base close up.

9. Vertical wax detail.

10. Wax and jointing detail.

This was an old broken drawer found in the street that has had a range of different driftwood components worked into this Bauhausian protruding shelf arrangement. The vertical plywood component had some holes drilled in it when found. This worked well as a foil to the random offset rectangles created by the shelf set out. I had clamped some of the timber to work it before sanding it and the clamps left circular impressions that preserved the paint in these areas to pleasing effect. The inside shell was painted with white house paint and all the odd little holes were filled with coloured wax and scraped flat prior to varnishing. The top of the unit bears the marks of the long gone drawer handle and even a long gone makeshift replacement. The base fascia board looks like it has come off a boat. And had been in the sea for some time. The metal fittings left there black reactive stains that worked perfectly with the coloured wax fill and the orange grain of the timber as i cut it back. The unit is all varnished with a satin varnish except the base fascia in a high gloss varnish to focus attention on this stunning piece of flotsam.

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