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salt and wood

Re use it or lose it


Yes that’s correct, there are 2 ITEM 14s. But there is no ITEM 13. 2CBBB (TWO COFFEE BANANA BREAD BOOK) or ‘Seaman’s Table’ was created for my cousins courtyard (by request). Symmetric left and right but having deliberate front and rear face to place up to a wall. This unit is created out of restored driftwood collected along the Sydney coast. I am not sure how many individual trees contributed to the final product but I estimate there are at least 10 different species of timber incorporated. Other materials include rope and coloured plywood sheet salvaged from the beach, adjustable screw leg bases recovered from a thrown out kitchen table (picture 4) and coloured wax used to seal the fixing heads. The thinner battens across the top surface are salvaged from a thrown out futon base. The rope is woven through base structure and tied under high tension binding the fixing points together. There is also an old section of picture frame fixed under the top surface to hold a pencil for those epiphany moments during a morning coffee session.

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