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An LP record stand to show off the cover art, protect it from the daily hazards and always know where you left it! This single hardwood plank (species unknown) was surprisingly dense and though looked to have been in the sea for a year was still fairly sound over all. For some reason one face had eroded in a more furrowed way than the other. I kept the smoother bleached out side exactly as found (became rear face of stand) and worked the furrowed face.

 The process

-Trim the ends

-Scrub down with a brush

-Paint base coat to the furrowed side

-Sky blue spray paint coat to furrowed side

-Sand back newly painted face leaving the paint to seal the cracks and some timber grain is revealed

-Section plank into three equal lengths, two for the face and one to be dissected origami style to generate legs, rear shelf and lift grip (refer sketch diagram)

-I crafted a joining biscuit from a bit of scrap 3 ply and routed a groove to fix the two face sections and then screwed the leg supports to flatten and secure the face.

-Drill and place brass rod supports (found a length of this in the street).

-Add SALTANDWOOD stamp and varnish select surfaces to generate contrast to preserve as found faces.




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Same same as 66 but different, this was a piece of flotsam recovered at Botany Bay. Presumably a fitting from a luxury cruiser or a yacht, the paint was selectively removed to reveal this impressive timber. Simply sanded and varnished with a slot cut along its length it becomes a means to compile all the odd bits of notes. Pictured, cards, reminders etc that sit around your side bench.

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After the surprising success of ‘ITEM 17 Now Playing’ comes ITEM 61 Now Playing LP. Item 17 was a CD case display that turned out to be very handy and commented on with approval by many! I was subsequently on the lookout for an appropriate piece of drift or street wood to do an upscale version for LPs.


I came across this wedge of tree trunk, chainsaw cut on the perfect angle with the heart wood core creating a great form across the face (looks a bit like the soccer world cup trophy). The sides were hit with a stiff brush only and the face orange spray coloured then sanded back. Some dry rot was drilled out and wax filled in black and orange. Two holding pegs were doweled into the final varnished face. Much work went into a base stand that in house design control advised against using in the end. Even more so than CDs it is an opportunity to display album cover artwork as a rotating exhibition.

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Lengths of street recovered hardwood decking were re purposed into a bathroom window fascia and in the process of mitering the corners I ended up with all the character packed little triangles of various sizes. It was almost impossible not to fiddle with them and keep reconfiguring them into little arrangements and stacks. I s realized they were worthy of being there own item. I varnished the face and painted one edge white.

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Who can say where this wedge washed over board or for how long it floated around in the ocean. Sometimes it takes very little to generate something beautiful. Simply trimming the nose square and drilling and doweling a couple of timber pins to compensate for the big centre split (pin striping). The sides and rear retain the character of its travels while the top and bottom were sanded and varnished revealing great character and a beautiful rich golden timber that I have not identified. It also sports an interesting little rebate in one side from some past purpose. It was probably a door jam on a boat. It could be a door jam again or maybe just a sculptural talking piece. Phat Joel because I made it as a request piece for a guy named Joel who is Phat but not fat.

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The Inter War Deco Architectural style is a personal favorite of mine and many of the best examples around Sydney are the beautiful pubs built in that style by the hot young Architects of the day and paid for by the cashed up breweries of that era that still owned most of the pubs. Stepped roofs, patterned facades and horizontal patterning, coloured tiles and geometrically even curves reminiscent of the older P&O Liners are but a tad of the magic. This is a little homage I whipped together from these two drawers and various other bits of street and bay found flotsam.  Engineering wise this piece is interesting because the drawers are mounted pointing out to the sides. This created all sorts of shenanigans with regard to imagining a sturdy structural compilation. You can see I pushed the 1970’s handles aside for something more befitting the Inter War Deco design objective. These are the same type of handles I salvaged for the Tiki Lounge Key Cabin (a recent post). The paint colours are also intended to be reminiscent of some c1935 pub tile colours.

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This hardwood wedge was found washed up along Botany Bay. It is interesting for its long concave elf shoe proportion and was just a sanding and varnishing exercise to bring out its inner beauty. It now takes pride of place as our front door wedge.

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Yes that’s correct, there are 2 ITEM 14s. But there is no ITEM 13. 2CBBB (TWO COFFEE BANANA BREAD BOOK) or ‘Seaman’s Table’ was created for my cousins courtyard (by request). Symmetric left and right but having deliberate front and rear face to place up to a wall. This unit is created out of restored driftwood collected along the Sydney coast. I am not sure how many individual trees contributed to the final product but I estimate there are at least 10 different species of timber incorporated. Other materials include rope and coloured plywood sheet salvaged from the beach, adjustable screw leg bases recovered from a thrown out kitchen table (picture 4) and coloured wax used to seal the fixing heads. The thinner battens across the top surface are salvaged from a thrown out futon base. The rope is woven through base structure and tied under high tension binding the fixing points together. There is also an old section of picture frame fixed under the top surface to hold a pencil for those epiphany moments during a morning coffee session.

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