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salt and wood

Re use it or lose it


I found this short plank (see first picture) washed up on a beach near the airport. The idea was that this would take on the essence of an oil rig/ platform but in its finished glory it is emitting more of a Japanese architectural vibe. This is probably due to the natural cupping of the timber you can see in the end grain pictures. I am happy to run with that. You can see the remnant paint on the base and one edge that was lightly sanded and then varnished. The raggedy ends were removed with a drop saw. Though the top was sanded it was oiled rather than varnished so this can be used as a cheese/ chopping board. There was some waxing of old nail and fixing and ocean borne borer holes. Note the asymmetrical legs and ‘blacking’ of the timber where nails and metal fixings have oxidized while floating in the sea salt. I feel like this item should come with a set of Ginsu Steak Knives. If K tel where still around it would have a blog.

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