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salt and wood

Re use it or lose it

As a result of recent extreme rainfalls great areas of parkland and streets adjoining the Cooks River of the Inner West of Sydney have been inundated to record levels. Flood Cat is an assemblage of detritus selected from the long flotsam lines that marked the extent of the high water.  One interesting component was parts of some sort of Chinese shrine that had been dislodged someplace by the flood and washed up here in the park. I employed a skimmer design for lack of keel material on hand. This was a spontaneous effort so I did not even have a knife to work with. A crude and fast operation. The most interesting outcome was that the tidal flow was running down stream but the breeze was pushing upstream. So it sailed well cutting a noticeable directional wake and covered allot of water but little actual ground. A bigger sail would have cancelled this out and seen it sail upstream successfully.

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