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salt and wood

Re use it or lose it

This grand little unit arose from three busted old drawers (c 1930’s ?) I found a year ago on Alice Street in Newtown. I first thought they were completely lost and was just going to rescue the handles. But noticed this beautiful fine-grained timber (anybody? anybody? thanks Ferris) lurking under the muck and decided to bring it all back to life. One of the ply drawer faces was more intact and with a bit of crafty gluing and clamping was able to be retained. The gritty detail of the plywood dovetail jointing now speaks for itself. I crafted some side panel legs from a found plank of old She Oak (?) And factored in a different lifting handle from a separate find. This handle accentuated the ‘rounded corners’ theme. The middle shelf was created by cutting a curve in what was previously a drawer side to create the rounded mid shelf and half arch of the leg. Some decorative work was added to the rear face via some found old school ‘learn to speak Spanish’ book and a selection of Danish beer labels collected while in Copenhagen. Also a hidden shelf and sub tray has been worked into the base of the unit. And this lined with a random selection of colourful beer labels. Over all you get the sense that this project was heavily researched! In fact you can see from the Youngs Double Choc Stout that made it into some pictures, the research was going on rite to he last.


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