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Street found logs with some finishing to the seat surface. One cut cross section and the other long section exposing the different grain patterns. Legs created from recycled coffee table legs and hardwood dowel.



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quadrilaterals need not attend

quadrilaterals need not attend

Hi, if you are interested in taking a look at this or distributing around.

Basically a show I have generated of Artworks/ Sculpture generated from found recycled materials.

Information is here on the attached flyer and more can be seen at

Best regards and thanks.

Liam Noble

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I found this wonky old table top washed up on a Sydney beach. I think it is Maple? But with a little sanding a varnishing of selected faces an amazing transformation took place from the sun bleached out grey to this rich brown red. There was some remnant structure on the tabletop to generate ledges and legs but I ended up adding in some other timber I had found as well. I think I made 7 variations of this stand from this. Some examples shown here.


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This one was commissioned for myself. I wanted some sort of stand to have next to my work computer so I didn’t have to look down to hardcopy drawings to reference notes etc while typing. It will be located next to the screen. Basically composed of a bit of scrap plywood, a little ledge of an old cabinet, a salvaged and restored hinge and some plywood chocks to allow screw depth. I cut the designed leg shape out, shaped the ledge and pen tray and spray painted the back and front as shown. I also located a little magnet couple in the swinging leg to hold it shut when carrying the unit around.



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This one was commissioned for myself. I wanted some sort of home base for all the design paraphernalia at the end of the drawing table at work. It is custom made to fit across the end of the 1000mm deep desk and allow easy access to masking tape, pens and pencils, geo triangles, rolls of yellow paper etc. You can see the top shelf tips back so rolls of yellow paper will roll to the backboard. Under the main top shelf is a dowel rod that allows geometry templates to be shoved in floating over the pens etc.



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Not an old yellow dog but an old table top with yellow legs.

 Unlike the classic 1956 Walt Disney family tragedy, the production of this ITEM has a happy ending. No need to get the gun Pa!

The tabletop was donated by a friend who hauled out from under his mums house. Unfortunately I don’t have a before picture. But it didn’t look like it does now! A curious timber and constructed form, its difficult to even guess at the true age and previous use? The legs as you can see are salvaged from another street found unit.



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Not sure what this very heavy timber is but it restored beautifully. I am guessing these drawers are C 1930? I dissected one of the three found drawer fronts to generate the ledge and rear leg for the 2 LP record stands. And detailed them with ideas of 1930s Functionalism in mind:



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