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salt and wood

Re use it or lose it

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1. CD Long.

2. Detail.

3. Elevated.

4. Loaded.

CD Long is the result of two hardwood drawer faces being converted to the top

and bottom of this piece. The left and right sides are pine cut from a separate drawer. The backing is a cut down section of found timber backing board. The internal surface was painted white with house paint. Only the main surfaces being sanded and the whole external varnished creating a good contrast of darker areas within the handle detailing of the drawer faces. Some wood

putty was used to fill in damaged and irregular corner joints and small feet screwed to the base to float the whole thing.

5. Half double varnish technique.


1. Full height

These long drawers were found in Newtown (refer pic 4) and had evidence of being been previously fixed over the years. They were cut back and shelves inserted over a backing of paper record covers (From Pigeon Ground Records). A piece of driftwood was used as a base fascia (refer pic 2) concealing the previously ‘repaired’ crooked rear of the drawer, now bottom shelf.  Note the alternating timber types in the shelves.

2. Fascia
3. Corner detail
4. After and before
5. Loaded


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