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salt and wood

Re use it or lose it

1. Storm Rider front view.

2. Rear view showing foam hull, double tension stick mast, wooden rudder, twine from unwound yellow rope and PET floats.

3. PET floats are partly filled with water to effect stability.

4. Launch.

5. Bon Voyage.





This storm was rolling up the coast over Botany Bay as the Storm Rider was being composed and then launched out towards the heads across the Bay. She employed an experimental PET bottle triple hull holding some water for stability and sported a flash red PVC sail from some long abandoned floaty toy wedged in the rocks, a carved timber blade rudder and a wedge of surfboard foam as the main hull. Note the tanker in the background in pictures 5-9 and the lack of reflection on the water from the light conditions. Not to mention the cloud formations over the Kurnell Peninsula.

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