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salt and wood

Re use it or lose it

1. Matter of Fact ready to go.

2. Matter of Fact jpg

3. The launch jpg

4. Bon voyage jpg

Named in part due to the hasty construction (probably 30-40 minutes including scrounging time) and also the addition of the VB beer label (“Matter O fact I got it now ” was the add slogan referring to the thirst for a VB). Though they say we do some of our best work or at least make ground breaking discoveries when we are under pressure. My son and I ran out of time at the beach this day and the Matter of Fact was thrown together very quickly. Not being able to find a suitable single mast the system was rigged up whereby a double hinged mast including a forked stick was pulled together with found twine. Though not the prettiest boat on the water, this little skimmer took of like a stabbed rat when we dropped her on the water, look at the wake in picture 3. You can just make her out in the top right corner of the water in picture 4.


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