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An LP record stand to show off the cover art, protect it from the daily hazards and always know where you left it! This single hardwood plank (species unknown) was surprisingly dense and though looked to have been in the sea for a year was still fairly sound over all. For some reason one face had eroded in a more furrowed way than the other. I kept the smoother bleached out side exactly as found (became rear face of stand) and worked the furrowed face.

 The process

-Trim the ends

-Scrub down with a brush

-Paint base coat to the furrowed side

-Sky blue spray paint coat to furrowed side

-Sand back newly painted face leaving the paint to seal the cracks and some timber grain is revealed

-Section plank into three equal lengths, two for the face and one to be dissected origami style to generate legs, rear shelf and lift grip (refer sketch diagram)

-I crafted a joining biscuit from a bit of scrap 3 ply and routed a groove to fix the two face sections and then screwed the leg supports to flatten and secure the face.

-Drill and place brass rod supports (found a length of this in the street).

-Add SALTANDWOOD stamp and varnish select surfaces to generate contrast to preserve as found faces.




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Its been a while between boats but managed to throw this clunker together over the Easter weekend at a cracking Autumn day down at Yarra Bay. Followed by a swim. No great new triumphs of technology to reference here. But she sailed well and zigzagged out beyond sight quite quickly. Zigzagging as the rudder setting and sail alignment competed for dominance. Named by my son for the number of snags I hit in trying to put it together.

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1. Rectangular Knight.

2. Rectangular Knight.

3. Shell rudder and fore and aft foam hull.

4. Launch.

5. Heading into Botany Bay.

6. Bon Voyage.

This boat was put together in about 10 minutes. Evidenced by the fact that it has a sail made from a stick pushed through a piece of newspaper. Apart from being a good name for a jazz album the Rectangular Knight is notable for the yellow red colour combination and the odd yet surprisingly successful ’90 deg. out of kilter’ catamaran hull, the fragment of shell as rudder and of coarse the little plastic space man knight found in the sand. I am not sure how long a news paper sail would last but this little vessel quickly disappeared from sight out into Botany Bay.


1. Matter of Fact ready to go.

2. Matter of Fact jpg

3. The launch jpg

4. Bon voyage jpg

Named in part due to the hasty construction (probably 30-40 minutes including scrounging time) and also the addition of the VB beer label (“Matter O fact I got it now ” was the add slogan referring to the thirst for a VB). Though they say we do some of our best work or at least make ground breaking discoveries when we are under pressure. My son and I ran out of time at the beach this day and the Matter of Fact was thrown together very quickly. Not being able to find a suitable single mast the system was rigged up whereby a double hinged mast including a forked stick was pulled together with found twine. Though not the prettiest boat on the water, this little skimmer took of like a stabbed rat when we dropped her on the water, look at the wake in picture 3. You can just make her out in the top right corner of the water in picture 4.


1. Storm Rider front view.

2. Rear view showing foam hull, double tension stick mast, wooden rudder, twine from unwound yellow rope and PET floats.

3. PET floats are partly filled with water to effect stability.

4. Launch.

5. Bon Voyage.





This storm was rolling up the coast over Botany Bay as the Storm Rider was being composed and then launched out towards the heads across the Bay. She employed an experimental PET bottle triple hull holding some water for stability and sported a flash red PVC sail from some long abandoned floaty toy wedged in the rocks, a carved timber blade rudder and a wedge of surfboard foam as the main hull. Note the tanker in the background in pictures 5-9 and the lack of reflection on the water from the light conditions. Not to mention the cloud formations over the Kurnell Peninsula.

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