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salt and wood

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sailing flotsam sculpture

1. Blue Steel ready to sail

sailing flotsam sculpture

2. Bow view

sailing flotsam sculpture

3. Port view.

sailing flotsam sculpture

4. Into the Cooks River.

sailing flotsam sculpture

5. Bon voyage

This little vessel was thrown together in 5 minutes from debris washed up along the shore of Cahill Park on the Cooks River. Without even a pocket knife on hand the styrofoam hull was shaped on the rocks and a shard of slate pushed into the foam as a keel/ rudder.  The fairly mid mounted take away food lid sail meant a feather was added to the bow to help pull the bow around in the wind. The lid sail was simply held in place by sticks sharpened on the rocks and pushed into the foam. The little Smurf holding his balls up was just for style points.

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