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An old IKEA stool found in the street, the seat top was rotten and thus discarded and the legs delaminated in spots with surface wear. I simply removed the legs and screws and sanded them all back, re glued and clamped the ply lamination and then varnished and spray painted the legs as seen here. The new top was crafted from a section of hardwood plank found on the streets of Newtown.


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Who can say where this wedge washed over board or for how long it floated around in the ocean. Sometimes it takes very little to generate something beautiful. Simply trimming the nose square and drilling and doweling a couple of timber pins to compensate for the big centre split (pin striping). The sides and rear retain the character of its travels while the top and bottom were sanded and varnished revealing great character and a beautiful rich golden timber that I have not identified. It also sports an interesting little rebate in one side from some past purpose. It was probably a door jam on a boat. It could be a door jam again or maybe just a sculptural talking piece. Phat Joel because I made it as a request piece for a guy named Joel who is Phat but not fat.

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Long drawer was the first item posted on this blog. It had a brother piece that was found with it and has now finally been converted into a companion CD shelf. Unlike Long Drawer one that was shelved with sides from other drawers, this one is shelved with restored driftwood boards and has a white painted internal surface rather than the paper lining.  

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This 4 drawer modern beauty on legs was discovered on the streets of Surry Hills in May 2012. A Circa 1965 piece? It was complete with all drawers and these stunning concave copper handles. Except, frustratingly ‘1’ of them. Even the screw was still in place. So as you can see the 4th or bottom handle is a ring in from another street find. The handles and chrome socks were removed and the entire unit was cut back to timber. Then the sides and front were given a fresh coat of gloss white. With the legs, drawer faces and top of the unit retained as exposed timber and varnished. The drawer internals were spray painted bright orange and the fittings all cleaned and reattached.

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sailing flotsam sculpture

1. Blue Steel ready to sail

sailing flotsam sculpture

2. Bow view

sailing flotsam sculpture

3. Port view.

sailing flotsam sculpture

4. Into the Cooks River.

sailing flotsam sculpture

5. Bon voyage

This little vessel was thrown together in 5 minutes from debris washed up along the shore of Cahill Park on the Cooks River. Without even a pocket knife on hand the styrofoam hull was shaped on the rocks and a shard of slate pushed into the foam as a keel/ rudder.  The fairly mid mounted take away food lid sail meant a feather was added to the bow to help pull the bow around in the wind. The lid sail was simply held in place by sticks sharpened on the rocks and pushed into the foam. The little Smurf holding his balls up was just for style points.

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