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This is the end scrap of a laminated timber post that I pulled out of a skip bin. It already embodied loads of character with pre pencil rounded edges, laminated striping and zig zag joins. I applied some simple cross cut ideas to yet another CD stand. Utilising no other elements but the post itself to generate the functioning sculptural body. The rest was finishing the timber to bring out the colour and texture. It has an ink stamp on the side and a pressure stamp added to the base. The separate bits were glued and then I dropped a few long countersunk screws up through the base to ensure a 1000 year shelf life.


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Bower (A donated materials and objects enterprise on Addison Road) recovered timber mantle cut and varnished. Bay found flotsam has been doweled to main shelf to create legs.

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The Inter War Deco Architectural style is a personal favorite of mine and many of the best examples around Sydney are the beautiful pubs built in that style by the hot young Architects of the day and paid for by the cashed up breweries of that era that still owned most of the pubs. Stepped roofs, patterned facades and horizontal patterning, coloured tiles and geometrically even curves reminiscent of the older P&O Liners are but a tad of the magic. This is a little homage I whipped together from these two drawers and various other bits of street and bay found flotsam.  Engineering wise this piece is interesting because the drawers are mounted pointing out to the sides. This created all sorts of shenanigans with regard to imagining a sturdy structural compilation. You can see I pushed the 1970’s handles aside for something more befitting the Inter War Deco design objective. These are the same type of handles I salvaged for the Tiki Lounge Key Cabin (a recent post). The paint colours are also intended to be reminiscent of some c1935 pub tile colours.

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Melf 2 Orange is the second ‘Man Shelf’ I have crafted and it is themed orange. Man Shelf, Man Station you know a place to locate your keys, phone, wallet etc when you get home as a means to managing your daily accoutrement. I stripped the old chromed handles off these street found drawers and used a jewelry cleaning concoction of water, white vinegar and detergent to eat them back to bones. I used the same evil to restore the spring that you see tensioning the orange rope. The spring is from a discarded deck chair and the rope was washed up on the beach. This creates a handy area to stuff cards or hang things of the deck. Not to mention this tensioned rope is actually adding strength to the hull. I cut one of the found drawers down to become a drawer within the other. And lined the base of it with some soaked off beer labels, using archival wood glue and a sealing coat of varnish. There is a storage/ hold area located beneath this drawer if you fully remove it. There is also a slide out deck extension for dabbling with keys, coins, cards etc built into the ceiling of the unit. This is faced with a rich red piece of driftwood and the underside also lined with beer labels. All nail holes etc have been sealed with orange wax before cutting back surfaces and varnishing. The middle shelf with the leading groove edge is a satiny piece of tongue in groove Eucalyptus floorboard recovered from a skip bin.

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